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Commissions and projects

In order to conduct its missions, the CINR organizes working committees where both Colleges’ members and invited experts are invited to think through the topic and make proposals.

These commissions and expert committees design projects in order to promote intelligent nutrition for everyone and amplify its impact on public health.

Omega 6/Omega 3 commission

Lipids and specifically fatty acids play an essential role in health. In the past decades, agricultural and consumption modes are evolved towards imbalances within those lipids and fatty acids. This evolution is associated to a negative impact on health and on the planet. A better balance between fatty acids from the Omega 6 family and the Omega 3 family is absolutely necessary to preserve the population’s health. Farming modes (vegetables and animals) influence this precious balance and can have a big environmental and societal impact. The purpose of this commission is to think through the topic, summarize it and make consensual proposals for a resolution and-or a law in Belgium, which would favour more balanced farming and consumption modes.

Experts Committee for the Commission « fatty acids omega 6/omega 3 »

Philippe Legrand
ENSIA Engineer and Doctor in Sciences,
Professor and Director of the Biochemestry-Human Nutrition laboratory at the Superior National Agronomic School in Rennes, and the associated INRA Unit
Expert for AFSSA on fatty acids on mankind
President of the AFSSA Commission for the revision of “recommended daily intakes for French population”)

Dr Jean Michel Lecerf
Nutritionist Doctor
Director of the Nutrition department in the Lille Pasteur Institute for 30 years
Permanent member of the CINR Scientific College
Expert of AFFSA

Michel Narce
Permanent member of of the CINR Scientific College Teacher Researcher
Director UFR, Burgundy University
In charge of the Research Team, Inserm 866 : the team
Physiopathology of dyslipidemies
In charge of the healthy nutrition Master

Doctor Olivier Coudron
President of the CINR
Associate Professor at the University of Burgundy
In charge of healthy nutrition at the UMDPC of medicine and pharmacy faculty of Dijon
Co-founder of SIIN Institute

Pierre Weill
Agronomy Engineer
Co founder of « Bleu-blanc-cœur » association, a healthy agriculture approach
Pierre Weill participated with INRA and CERN to varied clinical studies relating to the impact of food on human health. He co signed articles in several scientific journals
Author of many books